How fast is the Internet access?

Timber Lake Broadbands speeds vary depending on the package you subscribe to  between 1-4 Mbps.

How does Timber Lake Broadband Internet access work?

Timber Lake Broadband utilizes fixed wireless technology which transmits data via wireless radio frequencies between the company’s wireless access point, and a small antenna attached to a wireless radio at the customer’s home or office. This technology, which uses no phone lines, provides Internet access that can be up to 20 times faster than conventional dial-up services. The service coverage area is generally 8 to 10 miles around each tower, and service requires line of sight to the tower. In some cases we have seen connection as far as 25 miles.

Do in need a computer to receive Timber Lake Broadband service?

No, you can purchase a wireless router either from us or from anywhere they are sold and you can use the service on any wireless device i.e. cell phone, tablet, smart TV


Your connection is “Always On”.  What does this mean?

No dialing

No need for a phone line

No waiting necessary; you have instant access to surf the Web

Do I get an e-mail account?

Yes! FREE e-mail accounts are included with your Timber Lake Broadband Service